Upgrade Version 4.3.0

Change Log, General

Version 4.3.0 – May 20, 2011

New Features

[PROFIT SENDER-141] – Ability to perform approval procedures for “un-trusted” users
[PROFIT SENDER-649] – Start to collect email client usage statistics
[PROFIT SENDER-685] – Subscriber activity time line/history in subscriber edit screen
[PROFIT SENDER-1080] – Add sign in as user on user list in admin area
[PROFIT SENDER-1083] – Add “edit” link on Campaign Browse page
[PROFIT SENDER-1263] – A new option for adding subscribers to a list: Subscriber Form
[PROFIT SENDER-1318] – Facebook and Twitter share link tags for campaign content
[PROFIT SENDER-1355] – Keep log of each subscriber’s campaign and auto responder sent history
[PROFIT SENDER-1366] – Add report abuse link personalization tag
[PROFIT SENDER-1391] – A custom header for preview emails
[PROFIT SENDER-1375] – Add [PREVIEW] to the subject line for preview emails
[PROFIT SENDER-1386] – Add options to list settings for redirecting on errors while subscription or unsubscription


[PROFIT SENDER-983] – Clear process logs older than 10days
[PROFIT SENDER-1132] – Repeating campaign statistics for each delivery can be accessed individually
[PROFIT SENDER-1301] – Move logout link to up in user area
[PROFIT SENDER-1303] – Improve list overview screen load time
[PROFIT SENDER-1304] – Improve performance of subscriber activity rules
[PROFIT SENDER-1320] – Show total clicks in detailed click statistics screen
[PROFIT SENDER-1233] – Username unique validation check on user account settings update
[PROFIT SENDER-1337] – Remove product news from admin area overview screen
[PROFIT SENDER-1339] – Update integration with new PreviewMyEmail.com API