Panduan Cara Integrasi RSS Feedburner di Profit Sender

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Profit Sender + RSS Feedburner Quick Start Guide


We will explain how RSS plug-in works and how it can be implemented with Feedburner as an example.

Let’s say you have an email campaign and you wish to include latest news from Profitsender’s blog in your email campaign.

This is the RSS feed URL which we are going to pull content from:

Let’s create a campaign from scratch step by step:

    1. Login to your ProfitSender user area
    2. Click “Create Campaign” link
    3. Fill in requested information in campaign settings screen
    4. Select “From Scratch” email content type
    5. Enter your name and email address and click “Next”
    6. Enter your subject: “Latest Blog News”
    7. Go into rich text editor and enter your email content as you wish
    8. Now, click on the percentage icon [%] on the toolbar and a menu will appear. Go into “RSS” section and you will find all available RSS plug-in  content tags.
    9. Each RSS content blog should start with “RSS Fetching Start Tag” and end with “RSS Fetching End Tag”. Between these two tags will be repeated with each entry fetched from the target RSS feed.
    10. For this example, we have written the following HTML code to populate content from Google Feedburner News RSS service:






  • Now save your email content and proceed to preview step
  • That’s all. Just schedule your campaign and send it. ProfitSender will fetch RSS content for you and populate email content.


RSS Email Content Tag Reference

Panduan Integrasi RSS


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